DRMI Index Solutions

The index provides clear and objective insight into the returns of the Dutch residential mortgage market. The index allows investors to compare the performance of their own portfolio with the performance of the broader market and to explain relative performance.

Index Solutions

Customizable index solutions to meet a wide range of investor needs


Market index

The Market Index is an index based on underlying data from the total representative market.


Customized Index

The Customized Index is modelled on the characteristics of the client portfolio or a model portfolio.


Spread indicator

Based on the data in the DRMI database, the spread of each type of mortgage can be calculated in relation to a preferred curve.


Performance Attribution

This product refers to the performance attribution of the client portfolio compared to a DRMI index.

  • Public data sources

    European Data Warehouse and Loan-by-Loan data

  • Non-public data sources

    Data from mortgage lenders

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