DRMI Statistics

The index provides clear and objective insight into the returns of the Dutch residential mortgage market. The index allows investors to compare the performance of their own portfolio with the performance of the broader market and to explain relative performance.


The Dutch Residential Mortgage Index is driven by both public and non-public data sources.

The public sources are the European Data Warehouse and Loan-by-Loan, in which all data related to RMBS transactions in Europe is uploaded on a regular basis. For the non-public data, we have engaged the mortgage lenders active in the Netherlands. Both the representative public and non-public data is delivered to DRMI on a monthly basis, which allows us to provide an objective view of the Dutch mortgage market and its performance.

Mortgages in database

Both private and public mortgage data

Number of unique loans

More than 150.000 loans

Available data

Historical data starting from January 2013

Available products

Both standard and customized benchmarks are available

  • Public data sources

    European Data Warehouse and Loan-by-Loan data

  • Non-public data sources

    Data from mortgage lenders

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